Supply Chain Sustainability

Delivering supply chain sustainability and profitability is the new mandate.
But how do you minimize your environmental footprint without sacrificing profits?

Building a Greener Supply Chain

Supply Chain Sustainability integrates long-term sustainability into the decision-making processes a business uses to plan and operate its supply chain. Profit Point’s optimization services spotlight opportunities to improve the environmental sustainability of your supply chain, giving you visibility into the trade-offs or synergies between sustainability and profitability in your specific circumstances.

Often, clients learn that improving sustainability leads to higher profitability, both in the short term, by reducing waste and in the long term, by improving customer loyalty. Examples of questions that can be answered include

  • What is the impact on my CO2 footprint if I off-shore my manufacturing or the procurement of my key raw materials?
  • Where should I locate my next manufacturing site, given different watershed issues at multiple sites under consideration?
  • How do I schedule my plant operations to minimize waste and emissions?
  • How do I schedule my plant operations to minimize electricity use during peak usage times?
  • How do I minimize the carbon footprint of my distribution network without significantly impacting customer service or profitability?

Profit Point will draw on its deep optimization and supply chain expertise at the strategic, tactical and execution levels to evaluate options to meet your sustainability goals. Through our process we will present to you clear pictures of your key business variables and how they are impacted by different supply chain configurations or sustainability goals.

Benefits of a Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply Chain Network Design Consultants

Business managers who are charged with the responsibility to improve the sustainability of their ongoing operations or new facilities have new opportunities to modernize their supply chain processes. But making these critical decisions requires a clear understanding of the trade-offs associated with every choice. By bringing together the best sustainable supply chain experts and technology, Profit Point offers the most reliable way to make these decisions.

Using our proven techniques, Profit Point clients are able to:

  • Maximize profitability when implementing new sustainability targets
  • Implement new waste reduction or energy usage policies with minimal impact on current operations
  • Ensure that new manufacturing sites will maximize profits and minimize long-term environmental impact
  • Clearly understand the trade-offs among cost, profitability and sustainability in your supply chain
  • Quickly identify the changes in infrastructure, operation or policies that will return the largest improvements in sustainability
  • Accurately quantify multiple, competing sustainability improvement scenarios

Our Sustainable Supply Chain Improvement Process

A sustainable supply chain must take in to account all of your business requirements, including environmental for years to come. To optimize your plan, our consultants begin by understanding your growth strategy and the logistical challenges that your organization faces. We lead you through a proven supply chain analysis and improvement process that will enable your business to consider total supply chain cost, customer service and strategic business initiatives.

Learn more about our
Sustainable Supply Chain Process

Supply Chain Sustainability Process Improvement and Case Studies

Through this process we help you determine the optimal supply chain plan to support your business operations including critical decisions related to:

  • Minimizing unwanted environmental byproduct across your supply chain
  • Minimizing unnecessary plant, warehouse and distribution center locations and improving utilization
  • Organizing capacity at each of these locations to mitigate environmental waste
  • Designing the transportation modes and lanes that should be used to efficiently move product through your network

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