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The supply chain optimization consultants at Profit Point have been helping supply chain innovators- we like to call them disruptors – at Fortune 500 companies around the world since 1995.  Innovators are focused on doing what needs to get done to give their business competitive advantage, even if it means disrupting the status quo. From the beginning, we (and our clients) understood that ERP software was a great tool to monitor and track transactional data. However,  ERP alone is typically not enough to allow your business to get the most out of its supply chain processes and opportunities. That’s why we help innovative companies develop key processes and tools across the supply chain to gain an advantage over the competition, reduce unnecessary waste and improve service levels. We offer a unique combination of skills, including optimization, custom software and real-world supply chain know-how.

What Makes Us Unique

When we started Profit Point, we noticed that the large ERP providers were focused on two things: selling very large software and service solutions and reorganizing the company around that solution. And this”standardization” around ERP proved quite valuable to monitoring and tracking every transactional detail across the supply chain. people-process-technology
But for those business managers that saw customer service as a key advantage, ERP standardization also created a large obstacle to innovation within the supply chain.

At Profit Point, we understand that your business gains advantage – in fact, fulfills on it’s brand promise – by delivering the best product, to the right customer and at the right price. And gaining this competitive advantage demands innovation – from innovative people. That’s why we have always seen people as the key to driving value and change within the supply chain.

If you consider yourself an supply chain innovator or business disruptor, then we’d like to talk with you about the problems that you are trying to solve. We’re pretty sure we can help.

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Building a great supply chain starts with a smart process and good technology. But without the right people, process and technology are of little use. At Profit Point, we emphasize the importance of your team and our collaborating to make change. So, we invite you to meet our team members by watching the short videos below.

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