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Building on our extensive experience working directly for Fortune 500 companies, Profit Point’s Supply Chain Consultants continue to grow to help you meet the ever changing challenges your business faces. Our team of talented supply chain professionals has been collaborating with clients across industries and around the globe. We invite you to learn more about each of us and contact us if we can assist you.

Jim Piermarini

Jim Piermarini is co-founder and CEO of Profit Point Inc. Jim has extensive experience in the chemical industry, including ten years working in a plant and ten additional years working with businesses to improve manufacturing operations. Read more

Alan Kosansky

Dr. Alan Kosansky is co-founder and President of Profit Point Inc. Alan has pioneered the application of advanced analytic techniques to transportation procurement, dynamic scheduling, supply chain management and financial optimization. Read more

Ted Schaefer

Ted Schaefer is the Director of Logistics and Supply Chain Services at Profit Point. He is a practice leader for Infrastructure Planning, Supply Chain Planning, and Green Optimization. He joins Profit Point with 27 years of experience in the chemical industry, most of it with the Rohm and Haas Company. Read more

Gene Ramsay

Dr. Gene Ramsay is an industry leader in supply chain distribution technology. He has both developed and implemented supply chain network design software in industries such as natural gas distribution, beverage production, chemical distribution and maritime shipping. Read more

Mark Rockey

Mark Rockey is a practice Leader for Production Scheduling and Supply Chain Planning. He has spent nearly 20 years in industry applying advanced analytic techniques to solving real world problems in the areas of network design; production and distribution planning and scheduling; and capacity analysis and design. Read more

John Hughes

John Hughes is a practice leader for production scheduling at Profit Point Inc. He has led the implementation of production scheduling models at such clients as Rohm and Haas, Hercules Chemicals, Bridgestone Firestone, and Exxon Chemicals. Read more

Deanna Wenstrup

Deanna Wenstrup is the practice leader for Demand Management at Profit Point Inc. Her over 28 years of professional experience includes extensive experience in production scheduling and planning. Read more

Karen Bird
Karen Bird

Karen Bird is a Senior Planning Analyst for Profit Point Inc. Karen has over 25 years of Engineering and Supply Chain Planning experience working in the Specialty Chemicals, Consumer Packaged Goods and Wine Industries. Read more

David Jarvie

David Jarvie is an executive with a broad range of sales and development experience in industries ranging from chemicals, retail and real estate. Read more

John Cutler

John Cutler is a Senior Programmer for Profit Point Inc. John has over 12 years of experience building and supporting enterprise technology, including software, hardware and networking. Read more

Bill Leslie
Bill Leslie

Bill Leslie is a Supply Chain Software Developer for Profit Point Inc. Bill has over 25 years of experience developing software for fields as diverse as women’s health, charitable giving Read more

Joe Litko

Dr. Joe Litko is a retired Air Force officer. His 24 year career includes a tour as a faculty member at the Air Force Institute of Technology, teaching in its operations research Masters degree program. Read more

Danielle Jarvie

Danielle Jarvie is a Supply Chain Consultants with a broad range of experience implementing advanced planning and scheduling solutions in industries that include semiconductor, chemicals, oil and gas, paper, building products and transportation planning. Read more

Milt Gottschalk

Milt Gottschalk is the is the practice leader for Profit Point's warehouse improvement services. For more than 25 years, Milt's business responsibilities have included procurement, distribution and warehouse planning and management. Read more

Mary Saile

Mary is a Senior Logistics Consultant for Profit Point with over 25 years experience at the Rohm and Haas Company in the Logistics and Procurement areas.  Her major responsibilities included strategic planning and sourcing, negotiations, project management, and project implementation.  Read more

Dwight Collins

Dwight Collins is Profit Point's expert on supply chain sustainability. For the past five years, Dwight has taught sustainable operations management at San Francisco’s Presidio School of Management, a 5 year old graduate program that integrates sustainability throughout its MBA curriculum. Read more

Richard Guy

Richard Guy has over 25 years of experience selling technology and optimization solutions. He has served a wide range of industries in manufacturing, transportation and distribution, utilities, and finance. Read more

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